The Natural Park of the Euganean Hills.

Euganean Hills

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The Natural Park of the Euganean Hills. Read More

Quiet Harmonie.

The Regional Park of Euganean Hills founded in 1989 covers an area of around 19 thousand square hectares of hills of volcanic origin. Forests of age-old oak and chestnut alternate with Mediterranean maquis and wide terraced slopes with fruit trees and grapevines. Ancient hamlets, hermitages, and the refined architecture of the sumptuous Veneto villas narrate centuries of history, art and tradition.

The Euganean Hills Park can be variously enjoyed by bicycle, mountain bike, on foot, or by car along the numerous panoramic routes and the over 20 clearly-indicated and regularly-serviced trails up, down and around the slopes that make up the exploratory network. The activities within the Park include hiking, horseback riding and rock climbing.