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Treviso, lies on the middle of the Venetian plain. Read More
Treviso, lies on the middle of the Venetian plain. The rivers and tributaries in and around Treviso have always factored greatly into its history and the Sile River even surrounds the famous city-wall, known to locals simply as il muro (“the wall”). There are several theories surrounding the origins of the city’s name, which was originally “Tarvisium” in ancient times. One hypothesis claims that the Latin name “Tarvisium” came from the Taurisci population, a Celtic tribe that inhabited the plains just outside of Treviso’s present location. Another hypothesis, which is generally accepted as being most-likely true, is that the name Treviso comes from the Roman phrase tre visi (three hills), referencing the three modest hills in the city’s centre. On these hills, there are several important piazzas, Piazza Duomo, Piazza dei Signori and Piazza Sant’Andrea, around which the city was most likely built. The first settlement here dates back to before the Roman Empire and is located around the site of the present-day Chiesa di Sant’Andrea. With the creation and spread of the Roman Empire, Treviso became an important commerce centre, quickly gaining Roman citizenship. The city is also equipped with an impressive city-wall that served to protect the historical centre during various wars. Treviso features a plethora of interesting sites for those interested in art. The churches in Treviso are especially beautiful, including the Duomo, Chiesa di San Nicolò and Chiesa di San Francesco. These beautiful churches also feature great historical sites, including a painting by Tiziano in the Duomo and the graves of Pietro Alighieri and Francesca Petrarca, the respective children of Dante Alighieri and Francesco Petrarca, in Chiesa di San Francesco. The gates of the city-wall are also great examples of Treviso’s art and architecture with their ancient-styled architecture and adorned engravings. Another source of fame for Treviso is its sporting culture, which has made it a strong figure in many sports. Treviso has become a main contender in recent years in such sports as basketball, rugby, volleyball, shooting and fencing.