Villa Pisani at Montagnana


Villa Pisani Montagnana

The Villa Pisani lies in the countryside of the Medieval village Montagnana, not far from the border between the provinces of Verona (50 km), Vicenza (40 km) and Padua (45 km). The client is the powerful Venetian nobleman Francesco Pisani, also known as patron of artists like Veronese. Taking into account the client’s origin and culture, Palladio conceives a villa which is a little different, mainly because it is without service buildings, and because it is extraordinarily monumental. The architect conceives the “country house” in the same way the Villa Cornaro in Piombino Dese for a nobleman of equal rank was conceived. The building in Montagnana is almost cubic and its façade is embellished by a double loggia crowned by a tympanum, as first seen at the Palazzo Chiericati in Vicenza a few years before. On the ground floor there are the rooms for receiving guests and do business, on the upper floor we find the master’s rooms. They are linked through beautiful oval spiral staircases. The most important and spectacular room is the hall with half-columns on the ground floor, adorned with statues representing the Four Seasons by Alessandro Vittoria. For stylistic comparison see the almost contemporaneous Villa Cornaro in Montagnana and two buildings erected little earlier: Palazzo Chiericati in Vicenza and Villa Chiericati in Grumolo delle Abbadesse.

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