The first action of the thermal treatment is to fight inflammation so to obtain a reduction of pain.


The first action of the thermal treatment is to fight inflammation so to obtain a reduction of pain. Read More
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Pain is an important alarm that our brain receives from the peripheral sides or from some internal organs and indicates that a dangerous condition or a potentially harmful condition for the body is taking place. For example, as we bring our finger to a flame we feel a pain that stimulates a reflex and we keep the finger away. If that didn’t happen, the finger would burn up until consumed.


There are several classifications for pain and different scales to measure its intensity. Pain is divided into two large categories:

• Useful pain: a fundamental signal for the preservation of the individual and the species;

• Useless pain: pain which accompanies several diseases, such as tumors, hasn’t a precise objective, but is just a symptom to fight.


• Somatic or visceral pain;

• Neuropathic pain, which originates from the nerve for a sort of short-circuit; the process can be compared to an electrical wire that loses its insulating sheath.


Pain-killing therapy is one of the most difficult. Indeed, it represents the individual characteristics of the patient who is the only one who can make the decision to take pain-killing drugs. Therefore, if the patient decides to take pain-killing drugs prescribed, he/she should take the drug as soon as the pain appears. In fact, time might reduce the efficiency of the drug itself and oblige the patient to increase the dose. Another problem concerns doses. The patient is sometimes tempted to take only a half dose of the drug, but this might be ineffective. If the patient wants to search the minimum efficient dose of the drug, he /she can do it but he/she should consider it only as a trial, which might not give the desired results.


In many cases, the chronic pain is due to inflammation. It’s the case, for example, of joint and rheumatic pain, which originates from nerve endings, rich in cartilage that coats the surface in contact with the joints. When these endings perceive an inflammation, they send a signal of pain. The first action of the thermal treatment is to fight inflammation so to obtain a reduction of pain; several scientific works about thermal water and mud of Abano and Montegrotto have demonstrated this effect. There is an internal component in our body, calledendorphins, which are natural painkillers. Their production and their effects are enhanced by the action of the substances contained in the mud and water of Abano and Montegrotto. These endorphins, up to now considered only anti-stress molecules, could have an important pain-killing effect combined with the anti-inflammatory effect. Finally, the hydrokinesitherapy carried out with Abano and Montegrotto waters performs a rehabilitation process of the muscles that contributes in reducing pain caused, for example, by a fibromyalgia.A last comforting datum concerns the maintenance of the condition of wellbeing after the end of the treatment cycle: a wellbeing condition will last longer if a complete thermal stay of fifteen days has been taken.