Mud Therapy and extra-articular rheumatism.

Extra-Articular Rheumatism

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Mud Therapy can help your physiological system to react better against stress and to rebalance it. Read More
Reumatismi Extra Articolari Abano Montegrotto Terme

Ache is particularly painful in certain kinds of rheumatic diseases, sometimes matched to other symptoms such as strain, sleep- and gastrointestinal system issues, badly affecting life quality and leading to depression and temp- disability.

Because of that, Centro Studi Termali “Pietro d’Abano” has studied bromyalgia in order to decrease pain’s sensitivity. Mud therapy has no cons on your digestiveintestine system so it can be added to your specific drug prescription, limiting its amount and still getting the same good results.

In fact, mud therapy can help your physiological system to react better against stress and to rebalance it.