Villa Pollini at Luvigliano

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Villa Pollini si trova nel borgo di Luvigliano, frazione di Torreglia, e prende il nome dal suo primo illustre proprietario, il pianista Cesare Pollini (1858-1912). Read More
Villa Pollini Luvigliano

The picturesque village of Luvigliano, hamlet of Torreglia, contains the splendid Villa Pollini whose name derives from its first illustrious owner, the pianist Cesare Pollini (1858-1912). The white and bright building is set between the lush vineyards of the hill and can be reached through a side street to the road leading to the parish church, in front of the most imposing and famous Villa dei Vescovi. The loveliness of the place and the scenic location were probably the reasons that prompted Pollini to build his residence here. He was a man of culture and an artist of great value, who certainly found inspiration for his compositions in the Euganean landscape. In the L-shaped structure of the villa, the manor faces south whereas the outbuildings face west, the side where the property entrance is placed. This entry consists of a large masonry arch which leads onto the large paved courtyard in front the villa. The manor part appears typically structured according to Venetian villas of the late nineteenth century. It is endowed with a simple and linear architecture, spread over two floors, with a large entrance hall open on two sides of the building and accessible through a door decorated by a stone round arch. The small barchessa (outhouse with porticoed structure endowed with round arches, intended as shed), leaning on the western side of the house, is very bright with wide brick arches that let in the light on the side facing the inner courtyard. Once this structure was used for the storage of agricultural crops and to lodge peasants with  beasts working the owners’ lands. Today, it is devoted to host ceremonies and banquets, while in the fine Italian-style garden in front of the house, some concerts of classical music take place in spring and summer. Currently, the main activity of the villa is the production and sale of various fine DOC wines.