Villa Ferri at Casalserugo

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Villa Ferri, called "Ser Ugo Castle". Read More
Villa Ferri at Casalserugo

Villa Ferri, called “Ser Ugo Castle”: the site is on the outskirts of the town of Casalserugo, and was probably occupied by a tower house back in Medieval times, which another larger building was added to in the 15th century, built on two storeys and isolated on all sides. The façade overlooking the road is due to 17th century work when it was still crowned by a series of blind arches, when the central bay was changed with two arched openings. The interior decorations on both the ground and upper floors date back to the 16th and 17th centuries; the frescoes on the piano nobile bear the date of 1688. The villa, called “Ser Ugo Castle”, belonged to the Ferri family, and overall is in a good state of conservation thanks to the recent restoration work, which uncovered most of the original fresco decorations. A legend says that this “ancient Venetian villa”, as they name it in Casalserugo, was connected to another house by a secret tunnel.