Villa Emo at Rivella

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The sixteenth century Villa Emo, attributed to Vincenzo Scamozzi, stands at the foot of the Euganean Hills not far from Monselice. Read More

The Villa Emo is a short way from Monselice, near to the Rivella Bridge, and the main façade overlooks the Battaglia Canal, which the Catajo Castle also stands on further down. The history of the building has numerous shadowy parts, not only about the owners but also the architect who designed the villa. The idea that Vincenzo Scamozzi was involved first arose around 1931 and has been subject of discussion until now. This attribution to Scamozzi is due to the similar composition layout of other villas designed by this architect from Vicenza, like Villa Pisani in Lonigo and Villa Molin in Mandria. Like the others, the square is the base for the entire building, raised with the main façade with a columned pronaos standing on an ashlar base; the date of 1588 is engraved in the base of one of the columns that some scholars say is possibly the year it was built. In a document dated 1617, the main house stood in the centre of an estate that included stables, pigeon tower, courtyard, orchard and wood, furthermore a drawing dated 1636 shows there was a flight of steps to the right of the façade, with an Italian garden in front. The current appearance of the façade with two flights of steps leading to the loggia on the piano nobile, does not seem to correspond to the original one, where the façade had no sort of vertical connections. The luxuriant garden surrounding the villa is the result of work in 1960 by Giuseppina Emo.