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Thermal Treatments of Abano and Montegrotto Terme: natural therapies. Read More
Trattamenti e Stabilimenti Termali Abano Montegrotto Terme


Natural therapies are those that induce the changes in the metabolism (and that is why these are considered therapies), building on natural substances found in the surrounding environment where they either grow naturally or are farmed by man. The opposite of these therapies are those based on synthetic products, which are “made” in laboratories where they often imitate natural products. Although these two types of therapies are opposites of each other, they have a similar effects on our body.For example, phytotherapy is what we can define as natural therapy. In fact, drugs coming from herbs have titration characteristics that guarantee a certain therapeutic effect enhanced by the synergic action of other substances.


Thermal treatments can be defined as “natural” more than any other therapy. In fact, they are based on (mineral) thermal water and mud that derives from the maturation process of soil or clay, bringing the development of algae and microorganisms that have a curative effect on our body. Furthermore, thermal treatments, such as  mud and bath therapy, hydrokinesitherapy and inhalations are constantly studied according to the criteria of traditional science while their efficiency is demonstrated by several research studies, comparable to pharmaceutical drug studies before going on the market. That is why thermal means natural and, above all, efficiency.


There are no harmless therapies. A substance of any origin must cause a metabolic change in the body to have a therapeutic effect. This change, if not studied and induced in suitable ways in the time necessary, can cause a paradox effect and damage the body. For example, the poison of a few snakes or fish or plants are natural, but very dangerous.However, thermal treatments, like those practiced in Abano and Montegrotto, are applied under strict medical control in an environment that meets the standards of the National Health Service and provides people with the necessary comfort to have an enjoyable stay at the spa.