The colours of wellness.

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The millennial thermal tradition and the most advanced research by ABANOSPA gave birth to Thermal5Colours, the thermal wellbeing line. Read More
Argille Colorate Thermal5Colours Abano Montegrotto Terme

Wellness takes colour.

The millennial thermal tradition and the most advanced research by ABANOSPA gave birth to Thermal5Colours, the thermal wellbeing line.

Two years of scientific research of the Pietro d’Abano Thermal Studies Center, in collaboration with the Universities of Padua and Bologna and the beauty laboratory Claire, have created an innovative beauty line on the international wellbeing range of beauty products. Five distinctive colours define these body and face products’ properties, scent and components.

• Products made of natural extracts, coming from the uniqueness of the microorganisms of the mud and the water of the Euganean Spa and made more precious with the special ingredients and scents found in the Euganean Hills Natural Park.
• Certified and unique coloured clays, used in the specialized departments of the hotels of the Euganean thermal basin and also in the best natural beauty products shops.
• Coloured creams that characterize the hue, the scent and the properties, thanks to the various components.

The nature of the products are enhanced by the polyphenols found in the red wine marc of the Euganean Hills, which have anti‐oxidant properties, by the smoothing and decongestant ETS05 algae, the regenerating and revitalizing ETS03 algae and the ETS08 algae, which fights water retention. The micro‐organisms of vegetal origin living in the Euganean Hills basin, in thermal water and mud, have been selected and biologically classified by the University of Padova Algology laboratory. On the basis of the active principles contained, three strains have been identified for the inclusion in specific cosmetic formulations named ETS03, ETS05, ETS08 (from the acronym ETS Euganean Thermal Springs). The positive outcomes of the research has led to the development of an intense breeding method for each single organism. These results have led to the production of Thermal5Colours cosmetic line, whose principal benefits derive from the substances contained in the three micro organisms mentioned.

Therefore, Thermal5Colours ingredients are linked to the Euganean Thermal Basin and the Hills Park, their place of origin, and their aim is to make a genuine product, locally produced and for this reason closely related to Abano Montegrotto Thermal Basin.

• Thermal5colours fills the gap between medicine and aesthetics, the missing link between beauty and health.
• Thermal5colours provides a practical response to the need to optimize your vacation and get the greatest value out of the time you dedicate to yourself.
• Thermal5colours is the expectation met by a dedicated product. The destination is not beauty but wellbeing with the reasons run to meet the objectives of males and females, the young, best agers, sports lovers, and hedonists.
• Thermal5Colours is wellbeing in a jar, wellness in living color!


Each colored clay represents a protocol in its own right with a calibrated objective and application, and a distinctive origin – the Euganean Hills Thermal Spa area – and provides response to a precise aroma therapy research containing exclusive active principles: ETS05 – ETS 03 – ETS 08 that create the perfect blend of feeling good and looking good when mixed with Euganean Hills Thermal Water.

This “stardust” gently removes dead skin cells, giving the skin a healthy glow. The soft body scrub comes from the magical union of algae, primordial microorganisms and siliceous shells found in the clay of Euganean Hills. Autumn fragrances and myrrh are added to arouse deep emotions.

Yellow cream has an important effect on the skin aspect and it significantly increases the skin health, making it soft and smooth. It reduces the typical cellulite blemishes, thanks to a concentrate composed of an alga rich in polysaccharides and phycocyanin (ETS08). It improves the superficial micro‐circulation and fights water retention. Flavoured with a sweet fig aroma, it helps you recover the energy and vitality of your body and mind.

Green cream has a strong toning, soothing and decongestant power thanks to the functional substances contained in ETS05 alga. Due to its delicate coriander scent, fresh and spicy, it has a strong revitalizing effect.

Red cream is enriched with a natural concentrate of red wine marc by Vignalta from Euganean Hills and it helps fight the signs of skin aging. It makes skin more elastic and firm. The precious functional substances of the red cream are well known for its regenerating properties. It helps improve superficial micro‐circulation and it revitalizes skin tissues. Its grape scent, aromatic and fruity, gives an intense sensation of energy.

Blue cream, thanks to ETS03 alga, helps fight skin aging, stimulates skin regeneration and makes it firmer by improving the superficial micro‐circulation. Its intensive action is enhanced by the warm and sweet notes of Neroli essential oil, which helps eliminate mental fatigue and stress.

Clay is one of the first natural substances ever manipulated by the Man, as old as the Euganean Hills, the perfect setting for this millenary fable. Indeed, micronized clay is the common denominator, the original component of the active principles of the 5 coloured creams consisting of a distinctively shaped crystalline grid containing minerals (like chlorite, kaolinite, montmorillonite, limestone, mica, silica, etc.) as the ideal catalyst of the uniquely natural and beneficial properties of Thermal5Colours. Mixed with the coloured creams, the clay allows a better application.

How to use.

Mix 1/3 clay jar (750 g) and 1/3 colour jar (200 g). Apply the mixture on the selected part of the body and massage it for about 10 minutes. After the application, let it stand for about 15 minutes in order to let the thermal cream’s active principles penetrate and the clay dry. Rinse and relax for about 10 minutes in a hot bath, having, if possible, a hydromassage. At the end moisturize the skin and inebriate the body with ABANOSPA Thermal Water and/or rub the ABANOSPA moisturizing Body cream into the skin with a massage.