Y-40 The Deep Joy.

Y-40 Diving at Montegrotto Terme

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Y-40: the deepest pool in the world. Read More
Y-40 Diving at Montegrotto Terme

Y-40: the deepest pool in the world.

Y-40, the world’s deepest pool, measuring 21X 18m on the surface with 4300 cubic meters of spa water maintained at a constant temperature of 32-34c, offers diving enthusiasts the freedom to dive and swim without a wetsuit. With a maximum depth of 40m, Y-40 has various intermediate depths of caves for technical underwater diving. The massive-sized pool supports a wide range of activities all year long. From beginner scuba diving training to professional diving for experts, and photo sessions for photographer and film producers.

The pool, whose name recalls the depth of the excavations done during its construction, lies in the heart of the Euganean Hills Regional Park in Montegrotto Terme, has different intermediate levels of depth to allow all di fferent types of technical activities. The pool contains thermal water, so that people can bath and dive with a swimsuit. During its inauguration Umberto Pellizzari measured the depth of the pool to make sure it is the deepest and Enzo Maiorca opened The Deep Joy to visitors; from that day on, the pool has been the favourite place for scuba divers, free divers and rescue teams from all over the world wishing to train in a unique thermal context and exploring depths that could be only reached in the sea so far. A wonder of enginerring and architecture, Y-40 The Deep Joy was built in 1 year and was included in the Guinness World Record for its depth, making it possible to mix a modern vision of sport with the local millenary tradition of thermal baths. The importance of Y-40 is not only related to tourism (it is open 365 days a year), but also to medical research because of the hyperbaric medicine studies carried out.

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