Treves Park at Padua


Treves Park at Padua

The monumental Treves de’Bonfili Park, the first park to be designed in Padua, is a significant work designed by Giuseppe Jappelli.

The gardens, built between 1829 an 1835, take advantage of the spaces between the old hospital and the sixteenth-century walls and they are the latest synthesis of the eighteenth-century sophistication and the emergence of new romantic spirit which was spreading in those years. Unfortunately, in 1942 one of the buildings (the caves, the Chinese pagoda, two bridges and the riding stairways) was destroyed and trees cut: the destruction was exacerbated and the end of World War II, when piles of debris wer located on the handling area, consequently raising the pool of about two meters; meanwhile the land collapse in the caves had caused the lowering of the hill, completely upsetting the setting designed in the original project. The park was acquired by the city in 1958, which opened it to the public; recently completed restorations recovered, as far as possible, the plant and the original structures and reinserted some ancient and rare plants. It is possible to visit the Superior Monumental Area.

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