Boat excursions along the inner canals of Padua.

River Navigation

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Boat excursions along the inner canals of Padua. Read More
Padua's River Navigation

Once upon a time there was … a city in which the people moved on gondolas, sandoli (traditional Venetian lagoon boats, lighter, smaller, and simpler than a gondola), barges, and mascarete (a type of “light” sandolo, typically used for fishing but also for sport) gently cutting through the internal channels transporting people and goods along the waterways in a continuous succession of bridges and beautiful mansions. This city, entirely crossed by a pleasant canal, is Padua which today rediscovers in its network of navigable waterways the artistic, historical and natural attractions of the area.

From March to October the navigation companies offer both daytime and evening boat excursions along the inner canals of Padua, or longer excursions (full day) along the Riviera del Brenta from Padua to Battaglia Terme and Monselice, or excursions along the natural landscape of the Bacchiglione River from Padua to Saccolongo and from Pontelongo to Chioggia.

Consorzio Battellieri di Padova e della Riviera del Brenta
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Circolo Remiero “El Bisato”
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Delta Tour Navigazione Turistica
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I Battelli del Brenta
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Il Burchiello
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Navigare con noi
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Tel +39 049 8760233
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Today river navigation in Padua offers admirable, well designed tourist routes.

Boat trips in the town of Padua

The navigation along the town canals is pleasant, amid green areas and the old walls built in the Renaissance.

Boat tours of the Venetian Villas along the Brenta Riviera

The navigation from Padua to the Venetian Villas on the Brenta Riviera is renowned worldwide. Once boats were called burchiello (barge); the historical route of the ancient Venetian barges of the 1700s begins in Padua, it passes five Locks that were built to navigate downstream overcoming a 10-m difference in water height, and ten revolving bridges, to end in Venice, in St. Mark’s Square. As in the past, today the Burchiello, become a  service of GT line, traces the Brenta Riviera from Padua to Venice and viceversa; heir to the ancient traditions, it crosses through the Brenta Riviera with slow pace, while the guides on board illustrate history, culture and art of the Villas of the Brenta Canal. The cruises take place every day, except Monday, from March to October, starting from Venice (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) or from Padua (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) and stopping to the most famous and beautiful villas linked to important names such as Palladio and Tiepolo for a guided tour of the interiors. Also other boats, that are property of various navigation companies, plough today the waters of the Brenta Riviera, along the route of the ancient burchielli of 18th century, stopping to the main villas. The names of individual boats vary depending on the navigation companies;  some are modern, in metal, others are traditional and romantic wooden boats like the burci.

Boat trips on the Bacchiglione river

A charming river tour in the luxuriant and green vegetation is the navigation from Padua to Selvazzano, on the Bacchiglione river.

Boat tours along the Euganean Riviera

Charming navigation experience on typical wooden boats from Padua to Monselice, on an ancient route that was loved by the Italian poet Francesco Petrarca. Fascinated by the beauty of this place, he loved composing his rhymes while navigating the canal of the Euganean Riviera to reach his vineyard in Arquà, “ameno recesso tra i Colli Euganei, in deliziosa e salubre postura” (“pleasant recess in the Euganean Hills, in a delightful and healthy location”).

Boat tours from Pontelongo to the Venice lagoon

Generally offered in summer, in the months of July and August, navigation from Pontelongo to Venice and its islands is pleasant indeed.