Church of Saint Sabino at Torreglia

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Representing the symbol of the core of Torreglia Alta, the upper town, the church of Saint Sabino is the ancient parish church. Read More
Church of Saint Sabino at Torreglia

Church of Saint Sabino at Torreglia. Representing the symbol and center of gravity of the core of Torreglia Alta, the upper town, the church of Saint Sabino is the ancient parish church mentioned for the first time in medieval documents dating back to 1077. It stands in an elevated position between two valleys, Valderio and Vallorto, on the small Colle della Mira, which offers a wide stunning view of the plains and surrounding hills. The building is accessed via a double staircase which leads to the small church square on whose right side we may observe the high and mighty bell tower, which seems to have arisen from the remains of an ancient fort. Likely the toponym turricula originates from this tower, which gave rise to the name of the country. Today no trace of the castle has remained; however in the Middle Ages the hill called “della Mira” certainly referred to a fortified garrison with purpose of sighting function. It appears that in the thirteenth century the church of S. Sabino was dependent on the parish of Luvigliano. Once it became parish, in the following centuries, it underwent alternate moments that led to the deterioration of part of its buildings. In the seventeenth century it was rebuilt and later restored in 1765 assuming its present form, thanks to the financial support bestowed by the distinguished literary man Jacopo Facciolati.

The late Baroque style is evident outside in the decoration of the facade adorned with statues placed in a semi lintel as well as inside in the main altar, topped with a rich marble tabernacle and by a valuable altarpiece depicting the Madonna Enthroned with Saints. The church contains some further baroque decorations, namely the two side altars, one dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, and one to the SS. Rocco and Sebastiano, protectors from the plague. The north wall of the nave includes the tomb of another famous scholar who spent a long time in Torreglia, Abbot Giuseppe Barbieri, who required to be buried in this place so dear to him. Furthermore, a plaque at the bottom of the church reminds Tommaseo, who was a guest of the Barbieri in the mid-nineteenth century, in the villa called “Il Tauriliano”, now owned by the family Verson. Further precious works of art, donated by the cultured and generous Facciolati, adorned in the past the church, which was despoiled on several occasions by thieves and purloiners of historical and artistic heritage. The most valuable painting, a table of the Venetian school depicting “The Adoration of the Magi” by Mantegna, was rescued and is now kept in the bishopric of Padua. The adjacent buildings of the church, once rectory and priest’s house, are now converted into a small hermitage. The hermitage of San Luca is used for retreat of the young seminarians of the Diocese of Padua and on request it offers the possibility to stay for short periods of retreat and prayer. Currently, the mass is celebrated only on special occasions and ceremonies.

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