Church of Saint Martin at Luvigliano

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The heart of the lovely village of Luvigliano, today hamlet of Torreglia, houses the parish church of Saint Martin. Read More
Church of Saint Martin at Luvigliano
Church of Saint Martin at Luvigliano. The heart of the lovely village of  Luvigliano, today hamlet of Torreglia, houses the parish church of Saint Martin, whose dedication leads us to assume its foundation dates back to the Carolingian period, although the most ancient document certifying the existence is dated to 1077.  It can be reached by climbing the narrow road that runs along the boundary wall of Villa dei Vescovi, in comparison to which the church stands in an elevated position: a high embankment with a trachyte staircase, leading to the parvis on the church square, where you can admire the impressive neoclassical architecture of the sacred building. The church appears to be almost nestled between the mountain rising steeply to its shoulders and the two villas that flank it: Villa Pollini on the eastern side and Villa dei Vescovi on the west side. Its history is intertwined with that of the episcopal palace: the archpriest church of Luvigliano, in fact, in ancient times occupied the rocky outcrop where now the prestigious villa stands. Recent archaeological surveys have confirmed the presence of a small church probably built on the ruins of the medieval castle of Transegaldi, destroyed by the wicked Ezzelino da Romano along with the tower that stood on the hill of Mira.  Over the years, the church underwent several renovations and expansions, with the addition of the Baptistery and the cemetery, until in 1474 it was completely demolished and rebuilt in the place where it stands today. The decision was taken by the Bishop of Padua Jacopo Zeno, who, fond of the hill where the church stood, ordered to build a house there for the prelates.  Actually, the current appearance of the church is due to a eighteen century restoration and to architectural modifications made between 1847 and 1854, which changed the interior of the building. The decorations are in Baroque style and the nave houses a beautiful panel depicting San Martino and other saints, attributed to the painter Montagna.

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