Rural Society Museum at Carceri

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The Rural Society Museum at Carceri offers a comprehensive overview of old rural customs and traditions. Read More
Rural Society Museum at Carceri

The Rural Society Museum at Carceri offers a comprehensive overview of old rural customs and traditions by presenting the works in the fields (sowing, wheat, corn and beet harvest), cattle-farming and cattle sheds, the memory of rogations, and cattle sheds blessing. Several rural activities have been re-created, such as housework, hemp working, weaving, and the workshops of cobblers, carpenters and smiths. On display there are also old games and a classroom has been re-created with typical 1950s furniture. The museum hosts carriages, farm carts, tools for grape harvest and wine production, and objects and pieces of furniture typical of old rural houses. A showroom dedicated to the World Wars displays several items that witness the tragic experience of our forefathers. The Rural Society Museum is housed on the first floor of the great 16th-century cloister of Santa Maria’s Abbey, in Carceri, which originated as Augustinian, and later became Camaldolese. The monumental complex, whose original core dates to the 10th century, deserves a visit both for the magnificence of the building, and for the valuable frescos attributed to Salvati and Jacopo da Montagnana, and the ‘Annunciation’ by Luca da Reggio. Visitors can also enjoy a walk in the beatiful park around the abbey, equipped with recreational facilities, which can become the ideal place for a break or a picnic after the visit to the museum. In case of bad weather, the same services are available indoor, in a large room with a coffee shop.

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