Thermal water for inhalation.

Inhalation Therapies

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All Spa Hotels in Abano Montegrotto have their own department for the inhalation therapy. Read More

The number of respiratory complaints has considerably increased in recent years, caused in part by the worsening environmental situation (pollution, smoking, etc.). All Spa Hotels in Abano Montegrotto have their own department for the inhalation therapy. Nebulized spa water helps all kinds of upper and lower respiratory conditions, and is effective in the prevention and curing of chronic illnesses.

For children a pleasant way to make the treatment being held in mother’s arm’s, in a comfortable hotel and after a beautiful swim in the swimming pool.

Thermal water can be administered with four methods:


To perform a treatment with nebulizations thermal water must be reduced to very small droplets which, when dispersed in the air, appears similar to a, more or less, dense mist. This mist can be spread in a closed environment where patients are staying and breathing this strongly humidified water. Alternatively, nebulization can be performed individually by a machine that orientates the jet directly to the respiratory system (nose and mouth). In the first case, the penetration into the respiratory system is less efficient, but the subject stays in a real “thermal” atmosphere, while, in the second case, there is a higher concentration of mineral water.Nebulizations are not performed at the Euganean Spas.


This technique is like the old “fumigations,” the well-known pot of boiling water where balsamic substances were dissolved and from which our grandmothers made us inhale while our heads were covered with a towel. Nowadays, there are proper machines to do it.Thermal water for inhalation is poured inside an appliance similar to the one we use, or used at home, for children; this appliance “breaks” water into smaller particles that are breathed in by the patient sitting in front of the unit.


Aerosol is a similar technique; the only difference is the type of machine used; these machines break mineral water into particles at a diameter between 3 and 10 micron, which mainly stop in the upper airways.


The “showers” and nasal irrigations foresee the irrigation of thermal water with a light and continuous flow and at a constant and pleasant temperature inside the nasal cavities.
The duration of the application is decided from time to time by the doctor according to the needs of the concerned person.


Otorhinolaryngological diseases and disturbances of the respiratory system have very positive results from this type of treatment recommended especially for subjects suffering fromchronic bronchitis, smokers and ex smokers. Regardless of the manner it is administered, thermal water is a treatment. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of the Terme Euganee water have been proven by numberless scientific studies and, even in this case, they make the difference.