A thermal product with well-defined and scientifically proven characteristics can be useful in all phases of the arthrosis treatment process.


A thermal product with well-defined and scientifically proven characteristics can be useful in all phases of the arthrosis treatment process. Read More
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Even if the ageing of joints causes their progressive wear, osteoporosis is not inevitable and it is not the price to be paid for ageing. In fact, modern theories about the onset of this disease have made us consider the posture as an extremely important factor, just as much as the incorrect use of joints. If, for example, when lifting something from the ground, we bend from the waist and not the knees, the pressure exerted on the vertebral disks will ruin them forever.  This is important since the vertebral disks are a sort of cushion between the vertebrae. Once this natural shock absorber is ruined, the bones will rub against one another and wear. Above all, the cartilage that coats the bones gets worn and that causes the onset of osteoporosis.

Bones don’t cause pain because there are no nerve endings as there are present in the cartilage, ligaments and joint capsules, which, in the event of inflammation determined by wear, can cause great pain.

Another component of joint pain is the “algetic muscular contracture”; this complex name means the muscle stiffness that allows the movement of the bone segment. An example is “back strain,” a sudden and disabling pain that hits the back at the point where it joins with the pelvis, due to a sudden stress or a sudden chill. Obviously back strain occurs on a spine suffering from arthrosis, but the pain is mostly due to stiffness and contracture of the lumbar muscles that, due to a biological defense mechanism, try to block the spine to prevent its movement.


There is no cure, but the progressive worsening can be avoided through prevention, the symptom treatment and rehabilitation.
Prevention is based on the concept that the joint must correctly (consistently) work in a manner that the bones’ joint surfaces can slide, one respect to the other, and that joint cartilage is lubricated so that there will be a physiological and progressive wear. All this can be achieved with the correct posture, whether at work or in the car, and with mild, yet consistent, physical activity. If a sedentary life is harmful to the joints, which progressively “lose their habit” to work, a too intense or agonistic physical activity can be even more harmful.
Constant weight management, avoiding excess fat, allows the joints to work properly and reduces the risk of wear.
A correct starting point for prevention during the preventive phase is to take a stay at spas for one (or more) periods of seven days and take advantage of the specific characteristics of mud and thermal baths and their anti-inflammatory properties.


A thermal product with well-defined and scientifically proven characteristics can be useful in all phases of the arthrosis treatment process.

• Prevention: a stay at the spas, taking thermal baths and thermal mud applications, with their anti-inflammatory action, is a beneficial and precious intervention because pharmaceutical drugs aren’t taken, meaning no side effects, and the joints don’t worsen. Thermal mud from Abano e Montegrotto has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it unique.

• Most advanced arthrosis processes: avoiding periods of new acute phases of inflammation when the treatments are not recommended, the hydrokinesitherapeutic treatment, for example, improves the metabolism of the muscle and bone and make them stronger; as a result, the pain due to the muscle contracture is greatly reduced. Finally, rehabilitation in the thermal swimming-pools combines the benefit of exercises in the water with the anti-inflammatory effects of Abano and Montegrotto’s thermal water.


Pharmaceutical therapies and several proposed diagrams (step diagrams, intermittent, with constant low dosage) keep their validity unchanged. But it is important to remember that anti-inflammatory drugs have a harmful effect on the gastroenteric and cardio-circulatory systems. Therefore, they should be used in particularly serious cases and prescribed by a physician. For example, a cycle of twelve mud applications and twelve baths reduces the need for pharmaceutical therapies and extends the wellbeing period between a new acute phase and the other and, above all, it reduces joint pain.


Different studies and research, the latest being a study done by scientists at the Rheumatologic Centre of Strusberg in Cordoba, have demonstrated that fibromyalgia is  connected with low temperatures and high atmospheric pressure, rheumatoid arthritis is connected with low temperatures, high pressure and high humidity, and osteoporosis is affected by cold and humidity. The reasons for these symptoms are not clear yet, but apparently an important role is played by atmospheric pressure that modifies before the weather changes (it increases before good weather and decreases before it rains).
Despite this, it is certain that climate and seasonal differences do not determine the onset of rheumatic diseases.


Mud spreading is particularly good at controlling inflammation and relieving you from jointache.
Tests show a whole mud therapy cycle can significantly reduce circulating levels of substances that can speed up and worsen local inflammatory cartilage damaging. Thanks to the active microorganisms’ elements of ripe mud, your cartilage’s cell matrix – the so-called chondrocyte metabolism – will get better quickly. Mud effects therefore protect you from degenerative arthropathy.