Lispida Castle at Monticelli

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The quiet isolated hill site of Castello di Lispida, near to Monselice, used to belong to the St. Augustine monks back in 1150. Read More
Lispida Castle Monticelli Monselice

The quiet isolated hill site of Villa Italia, called Lispida Castle, near to Monselice, used to belong to the St. Augustine monks back in 1150, when documents record the monastery and a church dedicated to St. Mary of Ispida; however, it was used as a farm and vines and olive trees were grown there. The property was confiscated by the Republic of Venice in 1485, as they wanted to use the products and guarantee constant supplies of stone from the hill quarries, and in fact the building was used for the same purpose until 1792 when it was bought by the Counts Corinaldi. They extended and transformed the convent to give it an appearance of an aristocratic villa, and it was probably at that time that the main building was distinguished from the farm outhouses by an eclectic façade with an ashlar base, double-lancet windows and neo-gothic arches on the second floor, crowned by continuous crenulations. Under the Corinaldi family the wine production was increased and large cellars were installed. The fame of the villa is thanks to King Vittorio Emanuele III who made it his general headquarters during the First World War. Towards the end of 1950s, the complex returned to its original wine making vocation and is now used for meetings and as a hotel, which has meant that the interiors have been partly changed and also furnished, although a part of their original character has been conserved.

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