Castle of Da Peraga at Peraga

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Vigonza most famous building is the Castle of Da Peraga. Read More
Castle of Da Peraga at Vigonza

Vigonza most famous building is the Castle of Da Peraga. It is located where the fortress of a powerful family, named after the small village in which it was situated , had been previously  erected. For some years the dynasty was the second most important family of Padua district: the ‘domina’ (feudatory) Bolzonella da Peraga was not only the owner and ruler of Peraga, but also of the nearby villages of Perarolo, Fiesso, Murelle, Cadoneghe. Furthermore,  she owned rich estates in Caselle, Pionca, Stra, Sambruson and Mirano. Illustrious personalities were born from this noble dynasty; the most famous of them was Bonaventura (1332-1388) cardinal and Augustinian theologist, who was beatified and martyr. The first evidence of the existence of  the castle were found in a document of the year 1258, but we can surmise that very likely the building was erected before  that date. It was a ‘small fortress’ provided with a fence and an embankment, and surrounded by a trench. Later on it was enclosed by a wall, as was proved by the tower still existing in 1680. The castle was almost completely destroyed by the fire ordered by Jacopo da Carrara in 1319 and subsequently rebuilt. During Venice supremacy, the castle lost its nature of fortress and, like many other manor houses, was converted into a country house, that is, into a holiday dwelling of noble families, as the Venetian Michelis. It underwent various readjustments and changes of ownership: during the 19th century the west wing was added and during the last century, the ex castle was known as ‘Villa Bettanini’, after the name of its last owners. The whole structure, with the surrounding park, was bought by the town administration in 1985. The wonderful park of the castle is now a public garden; in its area various events take place during the year. At present  the access to the castle is only allowed during exhibitions taking place inside the building and restricted to the ground floor.

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