Villa Valcorba Duse Masin at Stroppare


Villa Valcorba Duse Masin

Villa Valcorba Duse Masin is a 19th-century Venetian Villa that has always been owned by the Duse Masin Counts. As is the case with all Venetian Villas, the complex was originally built to serve a twofold function: a summer holiday mansion and a center of farming activities. The Villa is comprised of the mason house and a barchessa where the stable, large granaries, and the wine cellars were located. Completed in October 2011, careful restoration work returned the Villa to its original charm. Today the Villa offers accommodation in its elegant rooms, and is a venue for receptions and special events. Villa Valcorba Duse Masin is surrounded by nature, with two large gardens extending in front of it and the old orchard and brolo in the back. Soy and corn are farmed in the Valcorba estate, which is part of a wildlife reserve where visitors often encounter hares, pheasants and herons.

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