Oratory of Saint Michael at Padua


The building that hosts the Oratory of Saint Michael at Padua is the result of the enlargement works of an old church dedicated to Saint Michael and the Saints Archangels, with frescos by Jacopo da Verona. The chapel was erected close to Castelvecchio after the 1390 fire, and was the scene of battles in the campaign led by Francesco II Novello da’ Carrara against the Visconti family for the reconquest of Padua. The frescoes by Jacopo da Verona in the Chapel of Santa Maria della Chiesa were realized in 1397 and mainly focus on the Virgin stories. From the paintings, clearly appears the versatility of the artist who skilfully combined elements drawn from Altichiero’s art to those derived from the painting of Giotto, Jacopo Avanzi, and Giusto de’ Menabuoi. The simplicity of style expressed by Jacopo da Verona definitely contrasts with the aristocratic elegance of the representational painting characteristic of the previous years. Nonetheless, what remains today vividly highlights one of the most extraordinary representational art groups of the 14th-century Italian painting.

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