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Pathologies that can be treated at the spa.


Suggested treatment cycles: 12 mud treatments with or without 12 baths in 12 sessions

• Ostearthrosis
• Osteoporosis and other degenerative processes
• Extra-articular rheumatism
• Widespread arthrosis
• Cervicoarthrosis
• Lomboarthrosis
• Arthrosis of the limbs
• Discopathy without herniation and without symptoms of nerve irritation or compression
• Post slipped-disk surgery
• Trachelodynia of rheumatic origin
• Scapulohumeral periarthritis (not including acute forms)
• Quiescent rheumatoid arthritis
• Arthroses, poliarthroses, ostearthroses (with widespread or localized osteoporosis)
• Articular rheumatism
• Periarthritis
• Ankylopoietic spondylitis
• Spondylexarthrosis
• Spondylexarthrosis and spondylolisthesis


Suggested treatment cycles: 24 treatments in 12 sessions

• Simple or obstructive chronic bronchitis (with the exception of asthma or advanced emphysema complicated by severe respiratory failure or chronic cor pulmonale).
• Vasomotory rhinopathy.
• Chronic pharyngolaryngitis.
• Chronic sinusitis or chronic nasosinusistic syndrome.
• Chronic nasosinusistic-bronchial syndromes.

Suggested treatment cycles: 12 endotympanic and 12 inhalation treatments in 12 sessions

• Rhinogenous deafness
• Tubal stenosis
• Chronic catarrhal otitis
• Chronic purulent otitis

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