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Water is a common element for the entire province of Padua. Read More
Rivers and Lakes Abano Montegrotto Terme

Water is a common element for the entire province of Padua. Water is synonymous with birth, life, ways of communication, economy, and the exchange of goods. Along the main waterways major cities have arisen and developed: Padua, Este, Montagnana, Monselice and Battaglia Terme, just to mention the main ones.

Life along the river has particular colours, customs and traditions which are not found in other countries.

There are two main rivers that flow through Padua: the Brenta River that borders the city to the north and the Bacchiglione River with its various ramifications which cross it. The face of the city changed in the 1950s and 1960s due to the filling of the city’s canals. There are also priceless views in the heart of the city, where palaces directly overlook the canals and where the serenity of the slow flow of water echoes. The Paduan waterways can be travelled by boat: tours and excursions are organized from April to October, even in the evening. A new pedestrian-cycling trail, the Anello Fluviale di Padova (Padua River Ring), circles the entire city with a perimeter of about 55 km.

From Padua you can embark on a trip to the water city par excellence, Venice, along the Riviera del Brenta and the noble Venetian Villas.

A long branch of the Bacchiglione with the Bisatto and Battaglia canals, embraces the Euganean Hills. In Battaglia Terme the Museo della Navigazione Fluviale (River Navigation Museum) offers evidence of stories, traditions, and the noble activities carried out along the rivers. Along the Euganean Riviera stately and aristocratic mansions have arisen: the Castello del Catajo (Catajo Castle), Villa Molin, and Villa Selvatico Sartori just to name a few. Following the Battaglia canal, visitors can continue their journey by bicycle riding along the E2 Ring of the Euganean Hills.

Following the course of the Bacchiglione river visitors can head towards Vicenza, filling their eyes with a thousand shades of green: those of the river and the rural landscape.

Water is also a chemical element which makes the Euganean Spas valuable and unique. But this is another story. Or maybe not.