Villa Foscarini Rossi at Stra


The 17th century Villa Foscarini Rossi is situated in the small town of Stra, alongside the Brenta Riviera, which runs from Venice to nearby Padua. The architectural estate is made of three buildings: the Main Villa, the Guest House and the Old Stables.

The origins of the Villa Villa Foscarini Rossi are linked to aristocratic Venetian families’ custom of spending summer holidays in country houses, reaching them thanks to luxurious wooden ships (Burchiello) richly decorated. Therefore, it is supposed that in 1602 Jacopo Foscarini, a well-known “Capitano da Mar” of the Serenissima, restored the estate to use it as a country house and for agricultural activities. As Foscarini name became more and more important, the family needed a prestigious location where to welcome guests: because of this, the warehouse (where tools were collected) was converted into the Guest Lodge. The stunning frescoes of the central ballroom, made by Domenico de’ Bruni e Pietro Liberi in 1652, are particularly precious. They were commissioned to celebrate the wedding between Giambattista Foscarini and Chiara Soranzo, that took place in 1651. Through these works of art, the Foscarini aimed to teach future generations the fundamental values of the family and to show all visitors Foscarini’s power and richness. The Brescian artist de’ Bruni carried out the perspective setting, using a spectacular trompe-l’œil technique, while Liberi painted the harmonious mythological scenes on the walls and on the ceiling. After that Napoleon had defeated the Venetian Republic, in the 18th century both the architecture and the interior decorations of the Main Villa were rehashed. In 1995, thanks to the footwear entrepreneur Luigino Rossi, the whole architectural complex was restored and opened to the public, making it alive the way the noble Foscarini family had in mind. The halls of the Main Villa have been converted into the Villa Foscarini Rossi Shoe Museum, whereas those of the Guest Lodge now host conferences, meetings, receptions, concerts, exhibitions.

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