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Pathologies that can be treated at the spa of Abano and Montegrotto Terme. Read More
Indicazioni Terapeutiche Abano Montegrotto Termeo Terme

Pathologies that can be treated at the spa.


Suggested treatment cycles: 12 mud treatments with or without 12 baths in 12 sessions

• Ostearthrosis
• Osteoporosis and other degenerative processes
• Extra-articular rheumatism
• Widespread arthrosis
• Cervicoarthrosis
• Lomboarthrosis
• Arthrosis of the limbs
• Discopathy without herniation and without symptoms of nerve irritation or compression
• Post slipped-disk surgery
• Trachelodynia of rheumatic origin
• Scapulohumeral periarthritis (not including acute forms)
• Quiescent rheumatoid arthritis
• Arthroses, poliarthroses, ostearthroses (with widespread or localized osteoporosis)
• Articular rheumatism
• Periarthritis
• Ankylopoietic spondylitis
• Spondylexarthrosis
• Spondylexarthrosis and spondylolisthesis


Suggested treatment cycles: 24 treatments in 12 sessions

• Simple or obstructive chronic bronchitis (with the exception of asthma or advanced emphysema complicated by severe respiratory failure or chronic cor pulmonale).
• Vasomotory rhinopathy.
• Chronic pharyngolaryngitis.
• Chronic sinusitis or chronic nasosinusistic syndrome.
• Chronic nasosinusistic-bronchial syndromes.

Suggested treatment cycles: 12 endotympanic and 12 inhalation treatments in 12 sessions

• Rhinogenous deafness
• Tubal stenosis
• Chronic catarrhal otitis
• Chronic purulent otitis