I Solisti Veneti

Claudio Scimone and I Solisti Veneti.

I Solisti Veneti

Imagination and Passion: great music for everyone.

The promotion of the popularity of classical music and the classical repertoire among the younger generation has always been the primary goal of Claudio Scimone’s and I Solisti Veneti. The success of this work has been confirmed also by the victory at the “Festivalbar”, with 350.000 votes by a public of young people.  I Solisti Veneti were the first in Italy, already in 1960, to go on tour to play in schools, with different programs and presentations according to the type (primary, junior high and senior high schools, universities and music schools) of school.

I Solisti Veneti have also been holding master classes for young musicians, by invitation from Academies or Local Institutions, in the course of which they play also with orchestras of young people and students. This is the case in Caracas (within the context of José Abreu’s “El Sistema”), in various European countries, in the United States, Canada, China and in many other countries, including Armenia, Kenya, Oman, etc.  In the Veneto they give concerts every year, in which they play with the very young musicians, aged 7 to 14, who make up the “I Pollicini” Symphonic Orchestra.

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