Thermal Bath.

Bath Therapy

The salty-bromine-iodine thermal water and its temperature facilitate the activities of the joints, makes movements smoother, relaxes the muscles, reduces pain. Read More

Abano Montegrotto spa vacations offer a therapy involving the immersion of the body in a single tub filled with hot, ozone-enriched spa water. The salty-bromine-iodine thermal water and its temperature facilitate the activities of the joints, makes movements smoother, relaxes the muscles, reduces pain. The intense vasodilating action stimulates the blood. Indicated above all for painful conditions and muscular atrophy, post-traumatic rehabilitation following traumas, fractures and surgery, chronic inflammation and skin conditions.

The Abano Montegrotto Terme baths therapy sessions last about 15 minutes, for a total cycle of 12 daily baths.

All the resorts in Abano Montegrotto Terme have been classified with the “I Super” qualification issued by the Italian Ministry of Health, which demonstrates the respect of the natural resources in the basin and the strict discipline in the use of the water in order to assure the conservation of this incomparable natural resource.


In medicine, bath therapy means the external use of water to provide atherapeutic effect on the body.


In fact, if we use mineral water for hydrotherapy, a term with crenotherapy indicates all treatments based on the use of water, we will obtain a double effect:

• We will take advantage of the physical properties of water (mainly its temperature) independently from the type of water we use;

• We will take advantage of the biological effects determined by the mineral elements that make the chemical-physical composition of mineral water unique.It is important to underline that crenotherapy must be performed on site because even the environmental factor, which means being physically at the spa, contributes to its therapeutic efficiency.


Bath therapy is practiced with various methods depending on the mineral water that is used and on the indications to treat a specific pathology.
Bath therapy can be carried out in a single bath unit (this is the standard type of bath therapy reimbursed by the National Sanitary Service) or in the swimming-pools with warm water, as in the pools of the Terme Euganee, or by hydro-massages or showers. In a few cases, it is possible to combine bath therapy with physiokinesitherapy, with passive or active movements in water.
Bath therapy performed in a single tank consists of immersing the body in thermal water at a temperature between 36-38 °C for about 15-20 minutes. After the immersion, the patient rests on a bed wrapped in blankets for about 20 minutes; the same is performed after a thermal mud application, so that the “sweating reaction” can take place.
At the Euganean spa, hydro-massage is practiced within specific walking courses inside the thermal swimming pools so that the benefits of hydro-massages are combined with walking, stimulating blood circulation.  This technique is mainly recommended as a posttraumatic rehabilitative treatment.

Bath therapy, even combined with thermal mud therapy, is indicated mainly to treat the pathologies of the locomotive systems, such as osteo-arthrosis, chronic inflammatory rheumatisms, extra-articular rheumatisms, consequences of traumas and surgical interventions, edemas, proprioceptive rehabilitation and osteoporosis. Moreover, it is indicated incirculation problems, such as varices, consequences of chronic phlebopathies and consequences of peripheral vascular surgery. Finally, even blemishes of skin and subcutaneous tissue can take advantage of these therapies since they have a cleansing and toning action.
The duration of a cycle of bath thermal treatments is 12 baths, 1 per day, possibly after a thermal mud application.